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Dog Fouling

Dog Fouling  - Click for larger version Stevenson Street / Claythorn Park

It's good to see most dog owners taking repsonsibility for clearing up any dog fouling.

However, the bin at this corner isn't fit for purpose and is too small to accommodate the amount of everyday general litter and the dog fouling lifted by the owners.

The result is the bin often overflows with bags of dog fouling lying on the pavement.

We have contacted the City Council at:

'Clean Glasgow'
City Chamebers
George Square
G1 1DU

to see if the can provede a bigger, better bin.

We have also asked the Environmental Community Action Team to see how they can help raise awareness to the problems dog mess can bring.

If you see a problem with:

- dog fouling
- Fly Tipping
- Grafitti
- Illegal Dumping
- Litter

Then please call 0800 027 7027 to report it.