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Mobile Security Cameras

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Glasgow Community & Safety Services

Recently the Calton Area Association asked Alison Thewliss (Councillor-SNP)if she could find out from Glasgow Community & Safety Services (GCSS)when these camera vans operate in our area.

Ann Fehilly, the Head of Operations for North & East Glasgow, replied and here's an extract of what she told us:

The Calton neighbourhood patrol was at the beginning of May and patrols concentrated on those streets within our neighbourhood that are highlighted to GCSS through their information and intelligence.

Some of the streets patrolled were Abercromby St, Clayhtorn Avenue, Slatefield St and Millroad Street. For 4-5 days at the start of May 2009 these streets were patrolled for 4 hours.

In addition to the dedicated time within the neighbourhood, the most problematic areas are covered by the mobile CCTV throughout the month.

Calton is usually covered within the first week of the month; however this can be changed in consultation with the Locality Manager. During the month of June the uniformed services will be working from the hours of 10am-6pm, subject to change.

If you want to highlight anything in particular or recommend any changes, please contact the Calton Area Association using this site and we will speak to Ann Fehilly's Department .

Ann is happy to help - where possible. .