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Mr Anas Sarwar

Mr Anas Sarwar  - Click for larger version The prospective Labour Party candidate for Glasgow Central

Anas Sarwar is the Scottish labour's prospective parliamentary candidate for Glasgow Central. Our current MP is Anas' father, Mohamed Sarwar.

Anas has recenty been seen in and around the Calton area speaking with local residents. This isn't his first visit to the Calton Area. He came here at Christmas time 2008 to hand out Christmas Selection boxes to local children on behalf of his father.

He has contacted the Calton Area Association and said he is genuinely interested in seeing what he can do to work with the local community, the elected members (MP, MSP & Councillors)and other agencies to improve the Calton area.

He has kindly offered to meet up with the Calton Area Acssociation for a chat and see how he can help us.

It will be after 6 June 2009, the date of the Calton Fun Day, before any meeting can be arranged.

Anas Sarwar can be contacted on his website: